As you’ve seen, mentoring helps children beat the odds, and it takes YOU to help this happen. Here’s how you can make a difference.

Parents – What You Gain

  • Another trusted partner who will invest in your child’s future provided by the community with no costs to families
  • A long-term guide for you child through all of life’s seasons

Enroll my child in mentoring.

Mentor – What You Gain

  • You get the opportunity to serve in your community
  • You can live for something greater than yourself
  • You get to be part of breaking cycles of poverty and brokenness for generations to come 

Parents, we understand how difficult it is to trust your children to people, but how desperately parents need positive adults in the lives of their kids. Let us help you find those trusted adults.  We are the pros – here are the things we do to ensure you find the right mentor for your child.

  • Background checks
  • Interviews
  • References
  • Ongoing support check-ins 
  • Professionally trained staff.

Mentors, we know there are many ways you could be spending your time, and that it’s very valuable. Let us help you get the greatest return on your investment of time. We will help you find your way as a mentor for one of your community’s children. We have:

  • Professionally trained staff
  • Ongoing training and support
  • In depth matching process to ensure a good fit
  • Over 10 years of successful mentoring experience


  • This could be a really long commitment? That’s scary.
    Yes, we hope this will be a long term commitment, but we have older kids that need mentors too! Don’t let this scare you off. 
  • What if an accident happens?
    Accidents happen. Ezekiel has incredible insurance that extends to our mentors during mentee activities. 
  • What if we don’t “click”?
    Our interview process is extensive and we don’t run into this problem often, but if we do, and both mentee and mentor agree, we can rematch. 
  • Is it safe?
    We have great guidelines to ensure the safety of our children, and our mentors. Our support staff are professionally trained to coach mentors and families to keep mentoring safe and beneficial for all children involved. 
  • Don’t think you have time?
    Priorities are usually the culprit here, not actually having the time. We are asking for about 1% of your time, if you sleep less than 10 hours a day. If you really don’t have 1 hour a week, this probably isn’t a good fit. This is literally the best investment of your time you’ll ever make. This investment of about 1% of your time, will yield amazing returns. 
  • Will I be taken advantage of?
    No way. Our mentoring program provides relationships, not financial help or tangible things. Our families come to us for the valuable resource of relationships, (you).

Become a Mentor.

Let us know if you have any questions!