Brett Varner

Brent Varner

In 2017, a year after my wife, Vianna, and I married, I oddly found myself with a desire to farm. This wasn’t something in my background, other than my dad being a hobby farmer. My background was in ministry. That was a confusing experience until I heard one day of an organization called Ezekiel Ministries and their search for someone who would start EZE Farms. When my wife and I saw the combination of ministry and farming, we immediately wanted to pursue it. Since then we have been enjoying the relationships we’ve built with the Ezekiel team and the apprentices who work with me at the farm. I consider it a high privilege to get to invest in young men who are in a season of life when it’s time to decide who they want to be. I look forward to continuing to invest in these young men and
developing our apprenticeship program.