We love hearing how God has changed lives through Ezekiel Ministries. The stories of impact below show us that God is at work in the lives of everyone involved in His mission for this ministry. From kids and parents to volunteers and donors, God has a way of uniting us together toward the common goal of showing the love of Jesus to all.


Seeing the way y'all love to serve our community in such a beautiful way is so encouraging to see! People talk about helping the marginalized all the time, buy y'all are getting it done. Thank you for loving our children and their families in ways they need the most. Y'all are the hands and feet of Jesus.


The Ezekiel Mentors are really nice people. They are helpful and courteous. My son's mentor was a big help to him when he lost his grandpa, who he was really close to. My son is not only close to his mentor, but also his mentor's son. I really like the influence that both the mentor and his family have on my son. My son's mentor is always available with time for me when I reach out to him.


You know, it is pretty cool! My child LOVES his mentor. They really hit it off. They go to the library, play sports and attend family gatherings together.


I am really pleased with my child's mentor, and his wife, they are very caring people. My child's mentor talks with him, helps him with homework, and goes out to eat with him. He always takes time to talk with me too when he brings my child back home.

Sally B.

Serving at Ezekiel has been life changing for me. It is so refreshing to witness the care and love that the Ezekiel staff have for the children. The staff are so patient and kind. They not only share the Gospel, but they model Christ's love by the way they interact with children, parents and volunteers!


"I am very, very thankful for my child's mentor. My grandson LOVES doing things with his mentor, and his mentor's family. He talks about them all the time."

Carin S.

I believe that I get more from volunteering than the kids do. Everytime I leave I am changed for the better, and I hope the kids are too!

Shawn R.

My time with Ezekiel has truly been a blessing. It is a privilege to have the opportunity to be a part of young people's lives and their family. I am proud to be a part of this Christian ministry.

Evan and Sherry G.

Shane & his staff pour their hearts into those kids and the kids love going there! A Great place to be!!!

Brent and Tennille F.

My experience with Eze Ministries has been life-changing and humbling! I am glad to have the opportunity of guiding our next generation of leaders!

Downtown Volunteer

As a college student, I could volunteer in a variety of programs but I choose to return to Ezekiel because I love volunteering here. I feel like I'm apart of an organization that's making a difference in the lives of kids.

Ben L.

Volunteering for Ezekiel has been one of the most rewarding volunteer experiences I've ever had. Watching my mentee grow up and being able to walk with him through life and help him navigate decisions has been so much fun, I'm really glad I decided to jump in and become a mentor.

Lee Ann A.

I have grown to love the kids at Ezekiel! I come weekly and work with several of the children on learning to play the piano. It warms my heart and puts a smile on my face to see them progress and learn!