Join Our Team

Think you want to join our team? Everyone on our team has these three basic characteristics:

Committed: Are you a person who follows through on your short-term and long-term commitments?

Jesus-follower: Is your relationship with Jesus making you more humble and patient, leading you toward a life of service?

Relational: Do you enjoy connecting with children and adults from many backgrounds?

If you fit these characteristics and ache to make a long-term investment in the lives of children and families, check out our current job opportunities and volunteer needs:

  • After School Teacher: 20 hours/week. Plan daily activities for students (building games, organizing small group reading and aide E-Learning for each child in the program). Multiple after school teachers are needed at our downtown and Lexington sites. Click here to apply at work at our Lexington site.
  • Volunteer Enrichment Teacher: At least 2 hours/week. Enrichment teachers provide fun and enriching activities for students including culinary, sports, health, art, etc. Apply to volunteer here.
  • Volunteer Bus Driver: At least 1.5 hours/week. Drivers will need to arrive at the center at 1:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, and will be responsible for picking up kids that are on the EZE center bus route lists. Apply to volunteer here.