Our Story

Ezekiel Ministries was birthed in 2009 after a group of men and women served in a downtown community so forgotten that it was often called “The Gates of Hell”. After forming tight-knit relationships with some of the kids in that neighborhood, they knew they couldn’t stop there. There was so much potential in these kids, yet no one was taking the time to invest in them. This is where Ezekiel was born.

If you read in the book of Ezekiel, chapter 37, you’ll learn the true story of lifeless dry bones coming to life at the hand of God and forming a vast army. God breathed life into bones that had been declared hopeless. That is the vision for Ezekiel Ministries. That God would breathe life onto a vast number of children who are otherwise forgotten in our community and give them hope again, give them someone in their corner, and give them a chance to live with purpose.

We know that today’s culture is brutal on families. Children are lured into self-destructive behaviors when they don’t receive enough quality-time with loving adults.  At Ezekiel Ministries, we help families by recruiting Jesus-following adults who will make a long-term investment in their children. Showing up consistently for the children who need us most leads to better decision making, strong families and forever-changed communities.

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