Church Partners

Ezekiel Ministries partners with local churches to help recruit loving adult mentors who will make a long-term investment in children’s lives.

As a result, children make better decisions, families grow stronger, and communities are forever changed.

Are you looking for local opportunities for your congregation to be obedient by living out the Gospel? If your congregation wants to take ownership in making disciples, join in the mission of mentoring in our city.

Ezekiel Ministries is a program that unites people around the mission of God, where individuals in your congregation can discover kindness, compassion and empathy toward others.

The Benefits:

  • Help kids in our community beat the odds.
  • Align your church with a great cause where church members become active participants.
  • Be the difference for a child instead of wishing you knew how to help.
  • Unite with other churches around a common goal of making disciples.

If you’d like more information on becoming a church partner, please fill out the following form: