Why do we doubt?

Last Monday morning I was eating breakfast with the pastor of Grace Church of Columbia, the church that graciously offered the use of their building to Ezekiel for our after-school program. We had previously planned to use their bus to pick up all of the kids that go to Watkins-Nance Elementary for After-School.  However, the pastor informed me it was definitely not going to work for our volunteers to drive the bus due to insurance problems. Only members of the church could drive the bus, and as big of a commitment as it was, nobody could commit.

This was kind of bad news, but I wasn’t too worried since God usually makes me look silly when I doubt Him. The conversation continued and i discovered that one of the applicants we were going to hire couldn’t make her schedule work.

So, over breakfast, we went from solid transportation to no transportation, and from two applicants for two positions, to one.  I had all kinds of thoughts in my head, but the main one was “God, could you please let me know what’s going on here?”

This is how the rest of the day went down…

I got a phone call at 1PM from a young lady who works for a campus ministry at USC. She wanted to do a fundraiser for Ezekiel. I thought, “Where do I sign?” We ironed out the details and then I mentioned the job to her to see if she knew any solid college men or women who would be interested in applying.  She said she would, but then she said hef boyfriend might be interested. At first I was skeptical, but then something crazy happened. She told me his name. I knew who he was and that he would be BETTER than any applicant we would be able to hire for the job. As a matter of fact, we’d even talked about how great it would have been to have him working with us in the past! I told her he didn’t even need to interview if he could take the job with the terms I had given her.

But… I still didn’t believe it could happen. It just didn’t make sense. We can’t afford to pay him what he’s worth. As a matter of fact, not even close. He probably would laugh at the job opportunity, I thought. I knew God was going to take care of His ministry, but I just didn’t think he would align the stars for us to have such a seasoned teacher with us.  I didn’t get my hopes up and went about my day with no bus and no teachers.

I received a call at 2:00 PM from an unknown number. It was my guy. He asked me about the job and by the end of the phone call he had accepted the position. I couldn’t believe it!

But really, why would I doubt? I mean, He is the God who created the universe, who nobody has ever laid eyes on without falling on their face in fear. He can move mountains. He says that if we aren’t the ones to tell people of His Glory that the rocks will do it.  My doubt was made so clear to me this week. I was selling God short. He looked at my expectations and said “nice try, but I’ve got something better planned!”

Here’s the kicker, Abiel, the teacher we just hired, is a member of Grace Church, so he is now our bus driver too!

Once again, God has shown provision in a crazy way! Thank Him for us in your prayers!

I hope your week will be filled with God showing that when you’re working in His will, he puts all the pieces together better than you can.  So when you’re plans fall apart, remember, God is in control, and His plan has no holes.

Have a great week!


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