Merry Christmas!



Merry Christmas from Ezekiel Ministries! We are so thrilled that you have been with us in this journey God is carrying us through at Ezekiel Ministries. We have so much hope for the future generations of Columbia’s inner city that we can’t help but to pause and take in the season of Christmas. God gave so much for us.  He created us and then he paid for our redemption with the sacrifice of Jesus. Wow! That is worth celebrating!

At Ezekiel Ministries, we desire for all men, women and children to feel that excitement for Jesus, the King of Kings, to finally have come.  Our mission at Ezekiel is to be the church to those in the inner-city of Columbia, SC by becoming family with families in poverty who come to know and follow Christ. We specifically do our best to provide children with Christ-following mentors who will be a long-term friend, and guide in life. We also provide an after-school program for kids to provide a healthy environment for them after-school, including daily Bible Study and as many fun enrichment ideas as possible.  Our prayer is that through these experiences, these kids will come to know Jesus and desire to make Him known!  This year the 3rd-5th grade girls class decided that they wanted to make Jesus known by providing gifts to orphans at Epworth Children’s Home.  The girls did three different fundraisers to raise $96, and bought gifts for three kids that didn’t have gifts at Epworth.  What an incredible display of loving others because of Jesus’ love for us!

In this season when we remember the coming of Christ and the price He paid for us, we encourage you to be reminded of Christ’s love for us displayed by Him coming to earth to be the sacrifice for us.  We encourage you to not just remember, though. This Christmas, take a step towards Jesus. Dig into the stories telling of His coming in the Old Testament. Share your stories and listen to stories of how Jesus has changed lives all around us. For most of us reading this, there is some step of faith we are contemplating. For some that might mean going to church on Christmas. For others it might mean something big, like giving away your car, or giving to those who don’t have much like the girls at Ezekiel did, or simply telling someone who doesn’t know the good news of Christ, about Jesus. There is no one reading this that can’t take a step toward Jesus. Whatever it is, we pray you will take that step towards Jesus this Christmas season, because of His love for us.

Lastly, I want to humbly ask you to join us in our mission at Ezekiel. We are looking for men, and women who follow Jesus to give their most valuable assets to a community that needs to know the love of Jesus. Would you join us in our mission? Their are 3 assets we always need. We speak of them in the video below.

Merry Christmas!

Josh Whitlock and the Ezekiel Team


IMG_1310-1Our Girls getting a tour of Epworth’s Childrens Home.

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