Meet Marissa!

At Ezekiel Ministries, we are truly grateful and humbled by the support we receive from our supporters, volunteers and staff. We simply could not exist without you. With that being said, we would like to take the opportunity to introduce some of our FABULOUS volunteers in our after school program. This week, we would like for you to meet one of our newest interns, USC sophomore Marissa Torgerson. Marissa is the teacher of the Kindergarten and 1st Grade class. Here is what I recently learned about Marissa.

Hometown: Anchorage, Alaska ( you read that right, folks)

Major: Public Relations, with a minor in Political Science

Future Plans: “I’m hoping to work in public policy with a focus in education. I’ve interned in the United States Senate twice, and hope to continue my work there.”

How she heard about Ezekiel: “I heard about it through a program at my school.”

Her involvement with Ezekiel: “I started working with EZE at the beginning of January, and I work everyday, Monday through Thursday.”

What she enjoys most about volunteering there: “I love working with the kids and am truly blessed to have this experience. There truly isn’t anything quite like the look on a child’s face when they figure out a math principle or the joy they have when we learn about the Bible together. The kids are so excited and their energy is infectious.”

What she would say to someone considering volunteering with EZE: “I would say definitely do it! The experiences I have had at Ezekiel, even in my short experience there, have been so fulfilling. You are able to teach the children, but they end up teaching you as well. I have learned so much about my community and the ability I have to make tangible change in the lives of others.”

Closing thought: “Working at Ezekiel reminds me everyday how lucky I am and how much I have been blessed with. It is such a privilege to share the word of God with these kids and watch them grow in their faith. ”

Well said, Marissa. And those kids are lucky to have you! It has been said that we cannot all do great things, only small things with great love. It is this “great love” that Marissa and the other volunteers show the EZE kids that will make a difference in their lives and, hopefully, in the community around them.

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