Eze Lexington Update – From Shane

Eze Lexington update – From Shane – March 2018

Hi Everyone, check out some of the cool things going on in Lexington in this update from from Shane Johnson, Director of Eze Lexington. We are so grateful to all of the folks who have chosen to give prayer, sweat, and cash to what God is doing over in Lexington. We are so glad to get to be a part of what God is doing in Lexington. Enjoy!…

You may not know this but we are forever grateful for those who give up there time week after week to pour into the children here at the Eze center! Some of our volunteers have been with us from the beginning, some of you may have just started. I wanted to write this Newsletter to remind you that what you do matters and is much appreciated by Ezekiel Ministries. 

You know your service here is not in vain. In (Matthew 23:11) Jesus says that those who are great in the Kingdom are those who serve! Serving sometimes can be hard especially here at the center. Make sure to remind yourself when your serving, why you are serving and that there are eternal rewards being stored up for you in the Kingdom to come! We thank you, we love you and we are grateful for you!

Grace and Peace  

Event Coming Up 

What: Volunteer Appreciation Night! 

Where: (Radius Church) Building 314

                           When: Monday March 26th @6:30                         

Why: Because we appreciate you!

Who: All of those who have ever volunteered! 

Thanks Breonna for always being willing to play the part in our skits!

If you can dodge a stinky sock, you can dodge a kick! Thanks Jason for the karate lessons!

Thank you Jo for your consistent service and attention that you give to the kids!

Thank you supporters!



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