Camp Joy Recap

They’re back!  Nicole posted earlier in the week with pre-camp pictures and thoughts.  Now it’s time to recap the awesome week they had!

Everyone seemed to have a blast. Here’s the whole gang.

Everyone had fun and learned so much about God.  When they returned home we were given the highlights of the week (of course with very limited details).

Kica: Learned “take wood off of the fire, don’t add wood to the fire”  which means “Do not be bad, walk away if someone is arguing”

Favorite activity: swimming

Hannah learned “don’t use poisonous words only use healthy words”

Favorite activity: playing the Wii, learning about God

Quintin: Learned about God inside of me and I had let Jesus in my heart

Favorite activity: “I had shot the bow and arrows and we had did art and we had played sports”

Devin learned “God is going into my heart”

Favorite activity: Swimming

Alterik learned “how to make bracelets”

Favorite activity: bow and arrows

I couldn’t resist adding this photo… who says they don’t love each other???

On the way home:
Cow Appreciation Day= free food for everyone… as long as you dress like a cow!

And so everyone played the part quite well!

Thank you to everyone for your prayers and financial support.  We are truly blessed to have such amazing friends! We believe that this week had truly changed these kids’ lives.  We can’t wait to see the fruit that will come!

A special thanks to Josh, Ben, and Nicole who were our taxi drivers.  And thank you, thank you to Carrie Brown, the mastermind behind everything creative.  Carrie made sure that each kid received a frisbee in the mail at camp.   Each frisbee had a note of encouragement written on it.  The kids loved them!

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