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Over the mountains and through the woods . . .

From Nicole…

What an awesome day Sunday was!

Josh and I loaded up 7 kiddos who have never really been away from home and drove them to Camp Joy in Hickory, NC. I must admit that I was really nervous! Josh and I checked their bags to make sure they had everything and then loaded up to leave the Center around 1:00 pm. Each with a bag in hand, and a huge smile on their faces, the kiddos were excited to get rolling!

Riding in a car with the kids was fun, especially when we got to where we could see some mountains. The girls thought some of the sites on the road were awesome like the extra low flying planes when we were passing near the Charlotte airport.

When we finally made it to camp, all of the kids filed inside to check in. They were excitedly asking who their counselors were and when they were eating and if they got to swim. I was getting more and more excited for them! “This is such an answered prayer,” I kept thinking. Little did I know, it all was about to get even better.

Meet the counselors!

A prayer of ours for along time has been that our boys have young, African American male influences. Our fellas need guys in their life who look like them, giving them more authority and credibility to the boys and to the neighborhood. The other half to that prayer, though, is that these mentors be solid men of Christ who are setting examples for our boys to follow. And look who the Lord provided! Terrance and Jordan are two awesome guys who have spent a lot of time and energy pouring into boys who need them…boys like ours.

The girls had some awesome ladies to care for them, too! Meet Maegan and Katie. They immediately started getting to know the girls, and the girls were super comfortable and open with their counselors. As Josh and I were giving the low down on our girls to Maegan, she looked in the direction of our three girls and said, “They’re all so beautiful.” Yes, they are, Maegan! Inside and out! I know Hannah, Tay, and Kaci are having a blast with a week long slumber party with these ladies who can spend some time showing them their worth and their beauty.

Now I’m just spending the rest of the week praying for each kid. Pray with me that the boys learn what it means to respect themselves and each other. Let’s pray that they learn to not be so angry and that they learn to find peace and rest in the Lord. I’ll be praying that the girls can understand what is means to be a princess, an heiress to the Lord’s throne. Pray with me that they understand how they should be treated and respected. Let’s pray that they can find protection and security in the Lord, relieving them of always having to defend themselves.

Beach Fun

On Saturday we packed 2 cars with 7 kids, 5 adults and headed to Isle of Palms for the day.  We were headed to the sunny coast of Charleston.  Too bad, we never saw the sun… But the kids loved it nonetheless.  We were all amazed at how wonderful our kids were!  Most of them had never seen the ocean.  How amazing it was to experience the ocean with them for the first time!

The trip was a reward for good behavior all semester.  Every other Sunday afternoon is spent having “Center Time.”  During “Center Time” there are skits to be had, games to be won, verses to be memorized, and more importantly… a Jesus to be loved.  Those who didn’t lose their marbles (literally) got to go to the beach for the day.  It is days like these that make everything we do so worth it.  You can’t help but fall in love with those smiling faces.  And can’t help but pray that those smiling faces fall in love with Jesus. Continue reading →

A Vast Army

Ezekiel Ministries. The Eze Center. Where does the name come from?

Well it is something that I think it very beautiful. I love when the Lord leads you to a place in scripture, and you stop and say “Yes Lord, that is it.” Do you ever just read the Word, hear the Word or speak the Word and a wave of contentment comes over you? Where you know that the Holy Spirit is at work and you have just been allowed to experience a glimpse of the Kingdom?

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