Beach Fun

On Saturday we packed 2 cars with 7 kids, 5 adults and headed to Isle of Palms for the day.  We were headed to the sunny coast of Charleston.  Too bad, we never saw the sun… But the kids loved it nonetheless.  We were all amazed at how wonderful our kids were!  Most of them had never seen the ocean.  How amazing it was to experience the ocean with them for the first time!

The trip was a reward for good behavior all semester.  Every other Sunday afternoon is spent having “Center Time.”  During “Center Time” there are skits to be had, games to be won, verses to be memorized, and more importantly… a Jesus to be loved.  Those who didn’t lose their marbles (literally) got to go to the beach for the day.  It is days like these that make everything we do so worth it.  You can’t help but fall in love with those smiling faces.  And can’t help but pray that those smiling faces fall in love with Jesus.

Here’s just a small glimpse of those beautiful faces:

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